NTC grants Advanced Media Broadcasting frequency previously used by ABS-CBN

The NTC has confirmed that it has given provisional authority to Advanced Media Broadcasting System to use Channel 2 frequency, the one previously used by ABS-CBN before they were denied a new franchise.

In July 2019, AMBS was granted another 25 years franchise under Republic Act No. 11253. AMBS operates radio stations like DWKX (103.5 FM) as 103.5 K-Lite.

In September 2021, AMBS was sold to Planet Cable which offers communication services such as fiber to the home, internet and cable television bundles (through Planet Cable) and internet for small businesses and large enterprises.

AMBS issued a statement saying that they have been waiting for an available digital frequency since 2006.

Advanced Media Broadcasting sent out this press release:

In an order promulgated 05 January 2022, the NTC granted Advanced Media Broadcasting System Inc. (AMBS) a Provisional Authority to install, operate and maintain a Digital Television (TV) Broadcasting System in Metro Manila/Mega Manila using Channel 16.


AMBS was the first applicant for an authority to install, operate and maintain a digital TV in Metro manila as filed on 05 October 2006, under Case No. 2006-100. AMBS has been waiting for an available digital TV frequency since 2006 after undergoing a quasi-judicial process which includes notice to all interested/affected parties and hearing.

AMBS was granted the PA after determination of its legal, technical and financial qualification.

Prior to the grant of the PA, the NTC sought policy guidance from the DICT, a legal opinion from the DOJ and the concurrence of the OP-OES.

After the technical evaluation of AMBS’ request for a simulcast channel, Channel 2 (the paired analog channel in Mega Manila of digital channel 16) was temporarily assigned to AMBS. This temporary assignment is for simulcast purposes only, and only until the analog shut-off scheduled in 2023. The temporary assignment was granted to ensure service to both analog and digital TV signal users as the country transitions to full digital TV.

OP-OES: Office of the President (OP) – the Office of the Executive Secretary (OES)

Planet Cable is owned by Paolo Villar (son of real estate magnate and politician Manuel Villar Jr.).

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